The Backstory

For over a decade I've been building out the web and studying how people interact both online and within developer communities. I approach architecture with a unique strategy for both content and code. I challenge communities to think beyond the UI to a world inclusive of both innovation and user needs. Below are a few samples of my work.

Digital Strategy

Produced numerous digital campaigns for online and in-branch digital channels. Directed the digital strategy for large consumer and business campaigns, including testing new media, SEO and SEM analytics.

Responsive Design

Fluid layouts and a narrative content strategy helped me engineer this Responsive (RWD) gem for the prominent corporate art collection at art.progressive.com.


Application Development

e-Learning application designed and developed for remote researchers at Case Western Reserve University. Utilizing video streaming technology and two-camera production sets for video production.


Usability audit of UN Women’s grants management application to test functionally and understand how users respond to the UI.


Frontend development for Blue Cross Blue Shield e-commerce site, utilizing YUI component architecture, HTML5 and CSS3.

Bold. Curious. Original.

Describes my process of thinking critically and creatively on an almost constant basis.