Proven Technical SEO Services

What is it?

Technical SEO or search engine optimization is the technical content strategy for your website to improve your search rankings in Google and other search engines. Whether it’s on-page content optimization, link building, or a dozen other techniques, our Switch Customer Care SEO package is an important piece to any online marketing plan.

Why do you need it?

Technical SEO helps qualify and gain sales leads for your company because organic traffic has a higher ROI than paid ad traffic. The vast majority of the search traffic is organic and search engines prioritize organic search in their ranking algorithms to ensure quality search results. If your website content isn’t on page 1, you are missing customers online. Switch customer care has the right SEO package to grow your customer leads online.

Which Plan is Right for You?

While you focus on your business, our SEO experts will login to your site and run an extensive SEO analysis. Let our team of SEO experts take this burden off your shoulders. By performing timely audits and updates, we ensure that your website stays competitive in your market. We offer competitive packages with transparent pricing based on your needs. Choose the Switch Customer Care plan that is right for you. Give us a call to customize a quote for you.